The Museum of Mourning Photography & Memorial Practice archive is not intended for morbid fascination, but as an investigation into human ritual. The collection’s focus is on how photography, a tool as well as artistic medium, preserves memory as an expressive cultural document. Our mission is to collect, showcase, preserve and disseminate information pertaining to all facets of memorial photography.  The collection is a resource for both the anthropologist and artist alike.

Recently Added Items

Home Funeral: The Daughter of Rosina Matteo Brunette


Home funeral for a young girl in Mola, Italy. Artifact creased due to folding. Verso reads: "The daughter of Rosina Matteo Brunette".

Dewey Stetler Open Casket Photograph (RPPC) - Shot at Alfarata, PA


A real photo postcard (RPPC) of a young man at rest in an open casket. A post mortem photo. Verso reads: "Dewey Stetler at Alfarata was shot."…